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I live like a walking death in twilight zone / some where in between death and a life being deprived of all Human Rights and Constitutional / Law 
protection by habitual offenders. I was assessed by three (3) independent psychiatrists to eliminate offender's speculations about my insanity 
prompting "delusions" etc. All psychiatrists stated clearly, that I am sane /I do NOT have/had any mental illness. No family history of any.
In Ontario WSiB commits crimes against INJURED WORKERS

Dear Sir/Madam,
WSiB collaborates over issues/ merits of all more complex Claims in criminal 
manner omitting critical information, misinterpreting / disseminating other, 
not reviewing previous submissions, not including new, not resource to 
expert sources for supportive info nor to chronology of administrative 
processes, only selecting sentences supporting own agendas etc. and every 
thing is done under umbrella of legislated criminal immunity and other far 
reaching legislatives designed to torment, torture, abuse, defraud 
defenseless injured workers with out any rights/ avenues of recourse!
All those institutions are terror Agencies governing them selves with out 
any scrutiny by independent Auditors / Public Inquiries. Those Agencies 
caused alteration in the state of my body / organs, interrupting / 
disturbing the performance of the vital functions (chronic pain and much , 
much more etc.). WSiB acts from position of power (criminal immunity) and 
further victimizes already suffering people. Through out duration of 
processing of Claims it does infringe on criminal and sadistic 
tendencies .:).
In Ontario WSiB commits crimes against INJURED WORKERS!
Company (my former employer) developed integrated and very successful 
network of crime in Ontario.
Workplace Safety & Insurance Board, Labour Relations Board (Ministry of 
Labour), Ontario Ombudsman, Fair Practices Commission, Worker Adviser, Human 
Rights Commission, Ontario Human Rights Tribunal, (GOVERNMENT Agencies ) are 
criminal Agencies!!!!!!!!!
"Who does Not Know the Truth, is simply a Fool.
Yet who Knows the Truth and Calls it a Lie, is a Criminal."
On March 11/2010, after very long period of criminal conspiracy, criminal 
negligence, obstruction and denial of Constitutional / Law protection, 
denial of medical help, torture, denial of all means of sustaining my self 
and many more aggravating / criminal acts I received Ontario Human Rights 
Tribunal's negative decision. On March 22/2010 I forwarded an Application 
(Form TR-8) for Reconsideration of the Decision on the grounds of:
a. There are new facts and evidence that could potentially be determinative 
of the case and that could not reasonably have been obtained earlier.
b. The decision is in conflict with established case Law or Tribunal 
procedure and the proposed reconsideration involves a matter of general or 
public importance.
c. The decision is patently unreasonable.
d. Other factors exist that outweigh the public interest in the finality of 
Tribunal decisions.
The Request for Reconsideration was received by Ms. Grenier -Registrar 
/Tribunal on Apr 06 / 2010.
Unfortunately again Ms. Grenier-Registrar denied me all provisions of 
Tribunal denied me all McGuinty Government's 10 key commitments on what Bill 
107 will deliver to the public, including discrimination victims.
With Request for Reconsideration I forwarded 252 pages of NEW, printed 
/copied material with detailed cross references to Pages with relevant 
supporting information so the evidence / material could be understood by 
Tribunal ignored Canadian Constitution, Chapter of Human Rights, Bill - 45, 
Bill-107, Bill-168 and all other Laws /Legislatives as well as Criminal 
Apotex did knowingly and willfully make a materially false, fictitious and 
fraudulent statements and representation in a matter within the jurisdiction 
of the Ontario Labor Board, WSiB (Workers Compensation Insurance Board), 
Ontario Human Rights Commission, Ontario Health Act , Ontario Labor Law as 
well obstructed Canadian Constitution etc.
Apotex committed many counts of perverting the course of justice or 
intending to pervert the course of justice, many counts of perjury , 
criminal conspiracy, criminal negligence, criminal recruitment of false 
witnesses, attempted murder, did cause permanent disability, irreparable 
Apotex and all involved in sabotaging of my allegations must be INDICTED and 
convicted on multiple offences / crime (Criminal Code, Constitutional 
provisions, Bill - 45, Bill 107, Bill - 168 and other Law provisions ).
Carters Professional Corporation
By Barry W. Kwasniewski
Barry W. Kwasniewski, B.B.A., LL.B., practices employment and risk 
management law with Carters' Ottawa office.
In determining whether or not a particular settlement and release relating 
to a human rights complaint will be
upheld, the Tribunal will examine a variety of factors, including:
Capacity: If the applicant can prove that he or she lacked the mental 
capacity to enter into an agreement, it will likely not be upheld. An applicant bears the burden of 
proving that he or she did not understand the settlement agreement and release when it was entered 
into as a result of lack of mental capacity. In those circumstances, the Tribunal may determine 
that the applicant lacked the capacity to consent to the agreement, and is therefore not bound 
by its terms.
Duress: The term "duress" means the party who signed the settlement and 
release did so against his or her own free will. Duress may be a threat of harm or, more commonly, 
the threat of financial harm, known as "economic duress". To prove economic duress, the 
party must satisfy the Tribunal that the employer unlawfully coerced the employee by 
threatening financial injury.
An example would be requiring the employee to sign a release by threatening not to pay wages
that are due and owing.
No. 218, July 28, 2010
Misrepresentation: The Tribunal may set aside a settlement agreement and a 
release in circumstances where the employer negligently or intentionally deceived the 
employee, if such representations induced the employee to enter into the settlement agreement. 
For example, if the employer mislead the employee as to the components of the settlement and did 
not permit the employee sufficient time to properly review the settlement before it was 
signed, this could be grounds for the Tribunal voiding the agreement.
Fairness of the settlement: In light of the potential for the inequality of bargaining power
between the employer and the employee, the Tribunal may also examine the fairness of the
settlement. This is particularly true where the employee was not represented by a lawyer. While
the Tribunal will not parse a settlement agreement to see whether all potential claims for
compensation have been satisfied, the Tribunal will examine the overall settlement to determine
whether the employee received sufficient benefit in exchange for signing the settlement and the
In light of the approach taken by the Tribunal in determining the validity 
and enforceability of a settlement agreement and release, employers should keep the following issues in mind:
Make sure that any release that an employee is asked to sign includes a release of claims under
the Code, whether or not the employee has raised human rights issues.
Allow the employee sufficient time to review the settlement agreement and release prior to signing it and suggest in writing that the employee obtain legal advice prior to doing so.
Be prepared to explain the settlement agreement and release to the employee, and do so accurately.
Do not adopt a negotiation strategy that could be construed as coercion, compulsion or abuse of power or authority, which will leave the employer open to complaints of duress.
Finally, be aware of your human rights obligations as an employer.
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