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I live like a walking death in twilight zone / some where in between death and a life being deprived of all Human Rights and Constitutional / Law 
protection by habitual offenders. I was assessed by three (3) independent psychiatrists to eliminate offender's speculations about my insanity 
prompting "delusions" etc. All psychiatrists stated clearly, that I am sane /I do NOT have/had any mental illness. No family history of any.
Recent years brought more news media coverage of/about environmental, pollution, toxic exposures to pesticides /herbicides/antibiotics/ medications etc.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Recent years brought more news media coverage of/about environmental 
pollution, toxic exposures to pesticides / herbicides/antibiotics/
medications etc.
It became obvious, that indirect/second hand exposures can be as 
devastating/ dangerous as direct contact.
General Public learns about dangers associated with second hand smoking, 
about dangers of lead poisoning from old paints, about asbestos etc.
Government Agencies and Advocates implement new strategies /Laws controlling 
environmental pollution, controlling toxic chemicals etc.
Some institutions as for example Ontario Human Rights Commission /Tribunal
go so far as indicating on their Forms / documents to General Public request 
/ directive to not use any perfumes or personal care products while 
visiting due to fact , that those products are health hazards and can
trigger allergic reactions of /to Commission's/ Tribunal's employees etc.
Well, while I worked at TorPharm Apotex Etobicoke with out any personal/ 
collective protection and in most cases with out any awareness about / of 
products I processed /packaged in confidentiality , on regular bases /daily
, directly being effected by incidents/accidents and by substantial 
exposures to toxic actives (massively)etc.
All of those chemicals started to affect (second hand) my family.
Shortly after I started my work at Apotex, my wife's health began to
deteriorate very rapidly.
She started to suffer from very high blood pressure, hearth pains
/palpitations etc.
Shortly later she started to demonstrate the signs of depression, mood
swings/ signs of general mental illness.
My wife's health steadily was going down the hill.
She was losing control of her emotions and much more.
In desperation she turned to our family doctor for help.
Doctor prescribed for her medications for her hearth problems as well as for 
her mood / depression stability.
At this point we did not make any connection of my wife's health problems
with my work.
I was still oblivious about most of the products I was forced to work with 
on daily bases.
ACTIVES ETC.) SO to great extend I was kind of oblivious / not considerable 
about my wife's conditions to the fullest.
suffer from multitude of life threatening and permanent medical conditions 
and when Apotex decided to terminate my employment with out just cause due 
to my health problems and due to my expressed in open manner /internally
concerns for contamination of products /personnel.
While I was floating in my surroundings in and out of reality and
consciousness, while I was losing contact with my loved ones/with 
environment , while I was being taken over by unspicable / horrifying pains/
mental sensations as well as large range of other very serious medical 
problems, my wife collapsed emotionally.
She became very ill person struggling with me and her own increasingly out
of control medical problems.
She became so unstable, that she became danger to me and to herself.
On daily bases she started to violently rage.
Every day she scrims out /cries, attacks me physically and verbally.
She scrims /cries / calls out: . it can not be truth..., this is not real.., 
She scrims/cries. she slams the door....., the door breaks.
She runs back to me . hits me over my head, over my chest, my back.
She pushes me valiantly to test me whether I can keep my balance.., she 
tests me whether I will fall down.
My compromised balance/compromised motor mechanism make me fall.
I land on the floor.
I struggle to get up.
She hits me over my head, again and again.
She scrims obscenity at me.
She scrims :.look at your self, you are disabled , you are nothing!
She cries.
She scrims again :. you are not sick, you are con artist (she never /ever 
looked at my medical reports being horrified of truths)., you are not sick!
Why all those Government Agencies denying your Applications ?... she scrims 
/cries where are the truths,. God, why are you sick?
Next she gives me an elbow in to my stomach.
She tests me for my reflects.
My reflects are compromised. I get the hit.
I can not breathe.
I struggle for a moment she is stunned by her own actions.
The pause does not last long.
She rages again and again.
She throws cooking pot across the kitchen.
She throws large potato at me.
She hits my head.
She showts:. why are you sick?!.. Why are you disabled?!.. Why this is
happening to me?
You are not sick . You are a con artist!..
If you are sick, why Government Agencies do not help you!
She screams: . I will kill you and I will kill my self.
She grabs the knife.
She shouts: I can not take this any more.
She throws the knife. She misses.
Imposed on us by Apotex for 7 years and pending!
She acts as a family of elephants trying to put back of feet any of dead 
members of the group by prying lifeless (a dead body) off the ground with
their tasks.
Elephants refuse to acknowledge the lose.
My wife's desperation and sense of morally /legally wrong /unjust exhibits 
as a semi cruel attitude.
She cruelly tests me for any sign of improvement, for any sign / indicator 
of returning to the healthy, stable, loving environment, which we lost due
to Apotex's crimes.
I do have a hell on daily bases with my personal horrifying medical problems 
and I am horrified / terrorized by my wife's medical / mental conditions/ 
She became a very sick person/ a victim of Apotex due to secondary
contaminations / exposures.
IS THER ANY ONE TO HELP IN Canada? This is only a small snap from my daily 
existence / suffers as a victim of a criminal Corporation /Apotex and 
Company's Counsel Mr. Carl Peterson with gang of criminal accomplices. 

(Apotex's victim)

DEC 11/2012

After Doctor's statements about my delusion my wife claimed abuse due to my “imaginary disability and anxious police women, HIGH ON ADRENALINE rush AND SEXUALLY AROUSED busts in to my residence, abuses me / impaired, in pain, not able to move or talk disabled person and makes up charges of domestic “assault with improper use of a fire arm�!!!!!!!!!!! (During Trial Judge proved all charges were not truth - More HORRIFYING TO ME/REGULAR CITIZENS info to come shortly).
Doctor in Jail told me that it is in to my best interest to change my family Doctor!

Unfortunately my “ family� Doctor very early in to her professional relation with me betrayed me and started to work for WSiB (Employer/Counsel) and on regular bases started to control / manipulate / withhold flaw of medical information from Doctor-Specialists to me, from Doctor-Specialists to Doctor-Specialist, from Doctor-Specialist to Government Agencies and/ or to my family members in the process causing denials of medical help - deterioration of my medical problems, obstruction of administrative processes, denial for me of a legal / Constitutional protection as well as causing to me / my family irreparable damage etc., etc.

During the same period of time (years) the Doctor “looked� after my wife's medical needs due to her second hand contamination.

Since my employment with Apotex my wife started to suffer from multitude of very aggravating and staidly deteriorating medical problems like out of control migraines, hearth palpitations/ very high blood pressure and increasingly disabilitateing neurological pains of CNS /PERIFIERAL NERVES etc.
All those symptoms did not pose any challenges /concerns to my family Doctor.
She was very glad to prescribe one after another medication for my wife's migraines causing very severe side effects.
MY WIFE STARTED TO HAVE VERY SERIOUS PAINS / PROBLEMS WITH HER ORGANS while at the same time in stead of relief her migraines were deteriorating.
Alarmed / concerned by no improvement and appearance of all additional symptoms / problems she asked Doctor for more specific / reliable treatments.
In stead Doctor stated to her (to my wife), that she has no reasons to be alarmed because she-Doctor has a lot of meds/pills to treat failure of any of my wife's organs if any service (shocking).
My wife's migraine became a chronic disorder characterized by recurrent moderate to severe headaches often in association with a number of autonomic nervous system symptoms.
Typically her headache is unilateral (affecting one half of the head) and pulsating in nature, lasting for hours (at the present almost continuously). 
Additionally she started to suffer from associated symptoms including nausea, vomiting, photophobia (increased sensitivity to light), phonophobia (increased sensitivity to sound) and the pain is generally aggravated by physical activity.
Prior /during her migraine headaches my wife experiences some visual, sensory, language and/ or motor disturbances.
I believe that her migraines are to be due to a mixture of second hand contamination as well as side effects from medications she was treated with.
Because the exact mechanisms of migraines are not known it is believed to be a neurovascular disorder.
The primary theory is related to increased excitability of the cerebral cortex and abnormal control of pain neurons in the trigeminal nucleus of the brainstem. It can be induced by unintentional / second hand or environmental contamination / exposure to toxic molecules in pharmacological /medical treatments etc.
Initial recommended management is with simple analgesics such as ibuprofen (I worked with it amongst array of other meds/psychotic molecules / compounds) and /or acetaminophen for the headache, an antiemetic for the nausea, and the avoidance of triggers (unknown-?). Specific agents such as triptans or ergotamines may be used by those for whom simple analgesics are not effective. 
Again, the exact cause of migraine headaches is not clearly understood, though some experts believe they are due to a combination of the expansion of blood vessels and the release of certain chemicals, which causes inflammation and pain.
The chemicals dopamine and serotonin are among those involved in migraine. 
(for example Paxil, etc. - with similar effects due to the increase of serotonin and decrease of serotonin metabolism that they produce).
When one understands the steroid effect brought on by an increase in serotonin it is not difficult to see that the initiation of use of these drugs should be very gradual as should the discontinuation be a very gradual process).
These chemicals are found normally in the brain and can cause blood vessels to act abnormally if they are present in abnormal amounts or if the blood vessels are unusually sensitive to them.
Stress and tension are also risk factors (we/a family did get a lot of it as side effects induced by produced molecules as well as due to discrimination, poverty, harassment etc). People often have migraines during times of increased emotional or physical stress. 
My wife experiences change in frequency, severity of progressive headache that lasts for days.
She has weakness or sort of paralysis that lasts after the headache, stiff neck associated with headache, decreased level of consciousness or confusion, sort of paralysis of one side of the body, thought disturbances, or a combination of symptoms. 
As result of second hand contamination, often my wife is lying on the floor.

As result of second hand contamination, my wife is lying on the floor in the
bathroom for hours at the time (at nights and / or at days ) with horrible 
migraine headaches and vomiting and vomiting and vomiting!
Her migraine episodes (attacks) of headaches, and often other symptoms such
as feeling extremely sick with organs problems (with altered physiological / 
hormonal processes /functions ) do last for days.
She does have vision problems and horrifying hearth / body pains.
She has demoralizing neurological impairments (like impairment of parts of 
the brain and nervous system) as well as many other declines in 
functions -speech and language pathology (and many other clinical
manifestations). Additionally currently she is struggling with crippling 
depression which makes for her difficult to function in just regular daily
She spends a lot of time lying on the floor, as apposed to a couch or bed
It's as tho she feels numb and she just lies there staring at things..To her
the floor is like a complete blank slate. She finds that comforting. It's 
also cold. She finds that nice too. And for some reason it makes her blood 
circulate in a different way then when she lays on a bed. I think she lies 
on the floor because it's the lowest place to be and it symbolizes how low 
she feels or just may be when she gets physically ill, when she is depressed 
and having contact with a solid surface makes her feel better?
She would be /is unpredictable, uncoordinated.
Her problems progress.
She would be on daily bases going through the slow painful roulette of 
nervously looking out for any weird possible side effects and /or dying!
Often she shuts herself off for hours in her bedroom. Has been getting worse 
as she spends most of her time in there now and hardly comes out. It's her 
space where she can be alone with her emotions especially as they are all 
mixed up.
When she is depressed she just sits in the dark and fantasizes about killing 
me and herself.
Constant stress triggers her manic episodes which often include significant 
psychological and social conflicts.
Sleep deprivation triggers her acute mania.
She is cycling between mania and depression.
Many medications I worked with and was bringing home, including all 
stimulants, are mimicking manic symptoms but differ substantially in 
duration and intensity compared with true manic episodes.
The primary mediator of all mood disease is the brain's limbic system.
Many medications may /do cause symptoms that mimic mania. Some medications may trigger a manic episode through hyperarousal of the limbic system and subsequent sleep deprivation.
These may include: amphetamines and other stimulants (Provigil, Nuvigil, 
Adipex), caffeine , cocaine and various illegal drugs, serotonin reuptake 
inhibitors (SSRI, SNRI), tricyclic compounds (TCA,excluding carbamazepine), 
steroid medications (Prednisone, oral cortisone), serotonin agonists, 
dopamine agonists (Mirapex, Sinemet), and several other groups of medicines.
One common over the counter medication group that can be stimulating in 
large doses is cough and cold medications that contain agents meant to
stimulate blood vessels which shrink nasal mucosa thereby enlarging space 
for nasal air flow (decongestants).
Many drugs that we were exposed to are addictive.
They cause cravings and a continued desire to use them despite negative
consequences.. They do cause permanent damage on molecular / cellular level.
Those drugs have serious, even life-threatening horrifying complications 
which we experience /suffer from on daily bases for number of years with out 
any help!..:).
We were and are tortured by Apotex, Ontario Labor Board, WSiB, Ontario's
Ombudsmen Office, Office of the Worker Adviser, Ontario Human Rights 
Commission/Tribunal and some more Agencies.
Canadian Government institutions mandated to assist General Public in time 
of misfortune, suffer and despair selected to engage in criminal activities 
and assist criminal Corporation which is stone waling an Ontarian / victim 
with life threatening medical conditions.
Those Institutions deprived me from Constitutional and Law protection.
Apotex and its accomplices denied me medical help, deprived me of all means 
of sustaining myself and are not regretful.
Apotex, Ontario Labor Board, WSiB, Ontario's Ombudsmen Office sentenced me and my family for life of suffer, despair, hunger and poverty. Apotex,
Ontario Labor Board, WSiB, Ontario's Ombudsmen Office shattered my and my 
family's dreams and future. Apotex many times derailed my attempts to get 
help and justice.
Mr.Carl Peterson (Filion Wakely Thorup Angeletti LLP) becomes enabler for
Apotex! He manipulated system/ Government Agencies in order to torture, 
torment, terrorize, deny of all civil/ constitutional rights, medical help 
to a disabled person etc.

My wife's heart palpitations are feelings and sensations that her heart is pounding or racing and she feels them in her chest, throat, or neck and as bellow:
Lose of alertness (consciousness), Chest pain, Shortness of breath, Unusual sweating, Dizziness lightheadedness
She use to panic and calls Doctor right away and gets more pills.
My wife developed neurological pains and most depressing to her were pains of her motor mechanism's depriving her from walking.
In stead of making connection with second hand contamination and or migraine /hearth/high blood pressure medications a “family� doctor with out knowledge /consent of my wife booked for her a surgery for her hips replacement.
My wife started to receive phone calls from the hospital that she must report for a surgery (total hip replacement) or she may have financial responsibility for not showing up for it etc.
Hip replacement is a surgical procedure in which the hip joint is replaced by a prosthetic implant. Hip replacement surgery can be performed as a total replacement or a hemi (half) replacement. Such joint replacement orthopedic surgery is generally conducted to relieve arthritis pain or fix severe physical joint damage as part of hip fracture treatment. A total hip replacement (total hip arthroplasty) consists of replacing both the acetabulum and the femoral head while hemiarthroplasty generally only replaces the femoral head. Hip replacement is currently the most common orthopaedic operation, though patient satisfaction short and long term varies widely.

Total hip replacement is most commonly used to treat joint failure caused by osteoarthritis. Other indications include rheumatoid arthritis, avascular necrosis, traumatic arthritis, protrusio acetabuli, certain hip fractures, benign and malignant bone tumors, arthritis associated with Paget's disease, ankylosing spondylitis and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. The aims of the procedure are pain relief and improvement in hip function. Hip replacement is usually considered only once other therapies, such as physical therapy and pain medications, have failed.

The prosthetic implant used in hip replacement consist of different parts, the acetabular cup, the femoral component and the articular interface. Options exist for different patients and indications. Correct selection of the prosthesis is important.
Risks and complications in hip replacement are similar to those associated with all joint replacements. They can include dislocation, loosening, impingement, infection, osteolysis, metal sensitivity, nerve palsy, pain and death.

Due to second hand contamination by psychoactive drugs as well as due to prescribed by family Doctor meds for migraine, hearth, high blood pressure, neuro-pains etc. my wife developed drug-induced psychosis.
She started to lose contact with reality. She started to experience periods of hallucinations, delusions, and impaired logic and decision making. The severity of her psychosis can vary considerably. 
Some medications have been known to induce psychosis, especially in situations where multiple drugs are combined as part of treatment. It can be hard to predict when a patient will respond to a medication like an antibiotic or a psychiatric drug with psychosis, as many people (my wife) with such reactions have no history of mental health problems. 
Prescription medications are associated with drug-induced psychosis, which can sometimes be severe as a result of adulterants added to drugs. Some of these adulterants may include other drugs, or impurities with toxic properties.
It is important to be aware that some people appear to develop drug-induced psychosis because of an underlying predisposition, with the drugs acting as a triggering event to bring on a mental illness.

The World Health Organization, in discussing the problem of side effects, has stated some principles applicable to people of all ages.
Quite often, the history and clinical examination of patients with side effects reveal that no valid indication [purpose] for the offending drug has been present ... Adverse reactions can to a large extent be avoided in the elderly by choosing safe and effective drugs and applying sound therapeutic principles in prescribing, such as starting with a small dose, observing the patient frequently, and avoiding excessive polypharmacy (the use of multiple drugs at the same time). 
In other words, patients who suffer adverse drug reactions are very often victims of drugs that they should not have been taking that way in the first place.
A 1992 study published in Medical Care examined prescriptions given to people being discharged from a community hospital. It focused on those who were prescribed three or more drugs to treat chronic illnesses.
The results of this study are quite disturbing, both in what they say about the doctors prescribing practices and as evidence of the potential damage that these prescribing practices can do to patients.Â
My wife suffering with her Mental Statute Changes while talking to my family Doctor asked her to get help for me and send me to SPECIALISTS.
In stead of reassuring my desperately depressed /confused, SUFFERING wife, that she/Doctor does every thing what it is possible to help me, Doctor conveyed to my wife that she DID send me to all Specialists and she does not KNOW ANY THING ABOUT MY PROBLEMS.
Those statements caused very disastrous consequences, restlessness, cruelty, sadism inflicted on me. 

Pc: Female Police Officer IN CONSPIRACY with Regional Victims Services for many months were preparing a plot against me/disabled person (orchestrated alleged assault with a fire arm, provided my wife with tools to “record me etc.) to have a reason to remove me (a disable person) in an instance from my residence of 12 years regardless of evidence or to ANY AND ALL Laws /reasons or the Landlord Tenant Act etc. 
Those individuals /entities used my sick wife for self validation regardless of circumstances! I was physically abused by female Police Officer and I did spend weeks in Jail on the Floor (at all the time) due to deterioration of my medical conditions as well as due to denial of my medications ( Withdrawal shock etc. Upon arrival into Jail medical personnel did send me on the emergence in to the Hospital where Cardiologist on duty hooked me up in to cardiac resuscitation unit for many hours!
After I was stabilized Jail Guards returned me in to Jail) etc.

Fine Police Officers came number of times before this last incident and after professional investigation determined, that there are no VELID REASONS /ALLEGATIONS to do any police work.

If I asked my wife what is this or  what is that, that was because I can not see  and she always  starts to be hysterical and or cry out of control.
FREQUENTLY for extended periods of time I have speech mechanism big problems when I can not talk (that is why Court appointed for me interpreter.!)

​Registered firearm was disassembled and greased for long term storage.
Parts were securely / compliantly with the Law stored on different locations in the residence. It was not touched for over 15 years. It was never used for any hunting or any thing else because we are naturalists, humanists etc.
Due to absence of any reasons to remove me / a disabled person from my residence of 12 years, for a long time - in conspiracy, Police Officer was instructing my wife how to set me up with my firearm. Female Police Officer told my emotionally unstable / sick wife that: “we will com for him because of his firearmâ€?, “try to get him in any physical alteration and we will take him away for a long time etc. and my wife became very active with seriously verbally (daily) and physically (every other day) abusing / assaulting me being sadistic, rootles, cruel. Family Doctor, Police Officer as well as many other factor escalated level of her emotional instability to the point of implanting a firearm in my Room and imprisoning me with out any wrong doing on my behalf, with out any evidence / sentencing for a long time. 


PC: (:..................... I apologize for fragmented sentences / grammar but I am in very fragile state.
It was one of those sleepless, full of pains and anxiety nights.
I was laying on the bed motionless, not able to move at all, with my eyes closed and being horrified that at any time, after each exhaustion of the air from my lungs I may not be able to take an air in again (I have frequent problems with autonomic breathing cycle which often briefly stops and which often I can not consciously control).
I thought that the night will never end.
"Suspended" in time and space I was not sure whether I am asleep or awake.
At one moment I realized, that I started to sense some light coming from the window. It started to penetrate trough my closed eye lids.
I tried to open my eyes and I could not do that. Total inability to do any thing.
I wanted to go to the washroom and I could not move any of my limbs. I had debilitating headache and backache.
I realized that I needed to take one of my medications which my family Doctor prescribed to me to control my pains. Surprisingly it was a benzodiazepine-psychiatric medication with a lot of very unpleasant side effects including periodical loses of memory. It is uncontrollable and very distressing. Total disconnection with surroundings / environment, dizziness, loses of words, inability to focus and total numbness / passiveness etc.
I struggled in my mind to regain control of my body / motor mechanism. Always I struggle walking especially to use the bathroom at night.
I had many bad falls causing injury.
The medications horrible side effects have not worn off since my employment with Apotex.
Contrarily, they gradually deteriorate!
I struggled and struggled mentally to give to my self a command to start to respond physically.
After long time I managed to open my eyes and be able to very slowly move my limbs/ other body parts.
Very, very slowly I slide off the bed on the floor. I reached for my meds.
Slowly I inserted two pills in to my mouth and then I realized that I do not have any thing to drink to flush them down to my stomach.
I panicked - I may chock on them!
Slowly I did put my 10 years old pants on and on my knees I slide out of the bedroom as usually locking the door behind myself due to domestic situation.
On my knees I made my way in to the bathroom.
I opened faucet and sipped some water, then I used a toilet and flushed it.
That triggered very angry reaction from my wife (she also had a slip less night and amongst many medical conditions she suffers from (a cute phonophobia).
I tried to be very quiet /invisible. I new, that she may be very unpredictable and valiant!
I did fear that she may jump out of her Room and physically assault me as she did many times before.
I started to slide down stairs on my bum, holding rail posts at the steps level in order to not go down stairs out of control, then I got on my feet and slowly, with help of my walking cane I made my way in to the kitchen to make a tee for my self.
As soon as I turn faucet on to get some water my wife dashed down the stairs all raging out of control and started to abuse me verbally. 
She started to accuse me of not allowing her to sleep (it was all ready after 10 am) and she ordered me out of the kitchen and instantly and permanently out of the residence (as she did almost every other day before).
I was afraid, that as many, many times before she will attack me physically!
I moved against the door in order to not be surprised with attack from behind.
At the same time pills which I just swallowed moments before started to effect me.
I was starting to get "mellow"- flouting in my surroundings, non reactive/responsive, not able to talk - respond or move.
Seemed like my passiveness agitated her even more.
Screaming out of control she did rune back upstairs and I could hear her being on the phone.
I tough to my self - o no, she is calling Police on me again.
Did not take long and I hear her running down stairs again and out off the front door. 
She met Police outside.
After few moments she is back inside running from the front door to me and out of the blue she whacks me on my arm with such power, that every thing in my eyes turned dark and I experienced unspeakable pains in my arm (I have lymphoma tumors in my arms, legs and in other locations). 
Reportedly female Police Officer told her to provoke me to strike her back by getting physical with me .
In no time big black, black, black 6x7 inch bruise appeared on my arm.
Right after she whacked me she opened side door and female Police Officer flanked by two other Police Officers rushed inside and "burking " to me "why are you abusing your wife" cornered me against the door.
Female Officer while repeatedly shouting at me "why are you abusing your wife" exchanged with my wife some signs and "my wife" disappeared just to come back in few moments and exchange some signs with female Officer again.
At that time female Police Officer shouted to me "never mind abuse, we are here for your firearm - where it is?!
Surprised, shocked and high on medications I become very passive and not responsive so she grabbed me and turned me around while stubbing me in between my ribs on the back forcing me to move and she did this every feet I took to make me keep moving.
My legs did not want to go fast so she was keeping stubbing me on the back every step I take trough the kitchen, living room and hallway until we reached the stair way.
I could not lift my legs to go upstairs so she twisted my arm behind my back and started to jerk it up above my shoulder blade every step to make me go upstairs inflicting on me unspeakable pain (I have lymphoma tumors in my arms and other neuro pains ) and she did it every step all the way upstairs. At the time when we reached upstairs I was sweet from pains and barely standing on my legs not able to talk.
I noticed that one of the Officers was already in my Room.
 (At the Trial turned out that when my wife disappeared for a moment while Police officers arrived, on order of a female Police Officer she did break and enter in to my Room again as she did many times before, and on Police orders setting me up for an arrest with implanted evidence. My wife testified that for many month Police did communicate to her that they will come to "get me" because of my firearm. Also she told me that Police encouraged her to "PROVOKE" ME TO ANY PHISICAL ALTERATION SO THEY WILL HAVE A REASON TO "TAKE ME OWAY FOR A LONG TIME").
While in my Room with three Police Officers I attempted to show to them my medical records, but female Police OFFICER AROGANTLY WAVED HER HAND AND SHOUTED TO ME THAT SHE IS NOT HEARE FOR THAT, THAT SHE CAMED FOR MY FIREARM!
Shortly after she barked to her colleague Officer that I am acting "FUNNY"
After she handcuffed me she with other Police Officer pushed me downstairs and out of the house and in to police car (I noticed tree Police cars in front of my residence).
She refused to take my jacket and my walking cane from the residence.
On the way to police station I tried to whisper to her that I can not breath but every time I opened my mouth she started to blast her radio. 
Upon arrival to Police Station I was crying because of pains and luck of air as well as shaking out of control like a leaf. It was very distressing to me. I got tremors, awkward movements, I was very dizzy, with total lose of words and unable to focus. My heart was racing out of control. 
In the arrest area she/ female Officer introduced me as a "wife bitter who assaulted wife with use of a fire arm"!
 Every thing WAS TAKEN AWAY FROM ME and I was locked up in a single , disgustingly dirty cell under two high powered lights beaming in to my face - generating tremendous heat and drilling in to my eyes (I have glaucoma).
Whole cell was cowered inch by inch (floors, walls, ceiling, sink, facet, toilet, concrete sitting bench etc.) with mucus heavily laced with blood from previous prisoner. I was sitting on it and in it!
I did feel like a chicken in the microwave.
I asked for some drink, I asked for my medications.
All was denied. Some Officers did make laugh out of me while others were sympathetic trying to help me with communications. I was told to drink water from that “contaminated� sink.
After number of hours the female Police Officer which arrested me reappeared and stated to me that my cane and medications are in the Police Station upstairs.
I asked her to dispense my meds to me but she refused! She was constantly laughing at me!
I was locked up whole day and night suffering and with out any help.
Early in the morning I was hand cuffed and shackled on my legs and in state of physical and psychological incapacitation brought in the metal box of a Police prisoner’s transport car in to Court in front of a Judge. I WAS SUBJECTED TO AGREVATEING PROTOCOLS.
I could not talk. Judge was presented with my charge papers - assault / abuse of a wife with a fire arm so with out any hesitation Judge stated "RETAIN IN THE CUSTODY UNTILL A BAILL HEARING" / TRIAL!
Then I spend another day in the holding cell in the court House just to be shackled and hand cuffed again and to be transported in the metal box of Police prisoners transport truck in to Jail!
Upon my arrival I looked like a zombie so guards referred me to attention of medical personnel.
Medical Personnel looked at me, made some tests and right away ordered my transfer on EMERGENCE IN TO HOSPITAL!
Again I was shackled on my legs, handcuffed, the shackles were connected with handcuffs by additional chain and on handcuffs Guards installed additional big metal plates with padlocks.
That is how I was rolled in a while chair in to Emergence waiting Room packed with families with children in the Hospital!
While Prison Guards with bulletproof vest rolled me trough shocked / scared of me crowd it opened up in front of me as some one would cut butter with a hot knife. 
Right away I had to be connected to cardiac resuscitation unit so at that point chains were removed from me.
I stayed hooked up for number of hours to get a head start in case if my hearth stops (I want to thank to a nurse in the Jail, which very professionally and promptly assessed me and send me in to Hospital as well as the same thanks I direct to a DOCTOR -CARDOLOGIST IN THE HOSPITAL WHO WITH OUT ANY HESITATION / VERY PROMPTLY PREVENTED ANY DETERIORATION OF MY CONDITION AND STABILIZED ME. I did not go in to a cardiac arrest and I was not resuscitated!
After I was treated with meds and stabilized I was returned in to Jail where I did spend 6 weeks in medical unit for all the time laying on the floor on a hard mattress (on my request so I was able to turn my self promptly at the time when I was stopping to breath - thanks to Guards for accommodating this).Cell was so small that upper part of my body/torso was under the metal table installed on the wall while my legs were wrapped around the toilet.
Cell mate helped me with getting food from the trap door, to sit on a toilet etc.
During my imprisonment I was subjected to very aggravating /degrading protocols. I was 10 times in the Court for a Bail hearing, but because of so serious bogus charges my relatives could not afford a Bail and if they would they would have to take me a bed ridden disabled person in to their residences for many months until Trial, risking being panelized for my alleged non compliance with the Court Order etc. After all Police all ready fabricated such serious charges against me as an assault with a firearm. I could not want to take any chances risking other people in the scum so I remained Jailed for 6 weeks.
Every time while I was shipped all chained up in the metal box in to a Court I shit my pants because of my chemically induced digestive system problems. At the Court House I was psychically assaulted / abused by one of Guards. After I arrived from the Jail I could not exit the box of a prisoner's transport truck because of a very high step down and I did have chains on me so one of the Guards did run to me and very aggressively grabbed me by my shirt /jacket under my chin and ripped me off the truck on to the ground etc.
After ten times of such incident with my diarrhea next two times I was rolled by a Jail Guard in a while chair in to a TV Studio in a Jail and I appeared in front of a Judge over video.
That was big relief for me.
On pre-Trial Judge dismissed all prosecution and ordered deletion of all proceedings in front of him and in as fast as possible time re orders a new Trial in front of a new Judge. I had to spend additional three weeks in Jail until Trial.
While in Jail I could not contact any one /a Lawyer because I could get access to the phone very seldom and I could not see the numbers, or I could not press proper numbers or I could not hear what was on the other end of the line etc. I was refused my medication despite fact, that in Jail storage together with my belongings I had 120 tablets of my medication which apparently after all female Police Officer retrieved from my residence.
I was told that while in the custody I can not take any of my own meds and in Jail's medical storage they do not have what I take.
So for thirty five days I was deprived of any meds which I suppose to take on daily bases while at the same time- very often at random times nurse with two other people were coming in to my Cell to monitor my blood pressure /condition.
They deteriorated me to the point, that I could not stand on my feet with brain fog, my brain zoning out, bouts of diarrhea, constant vertigo, with my heath racing, often with tremors, awkward movements dizziness, lost wards, unable to focus/effectively communicate, with very dry mouth / membranes syndrome, often vivid dreams /nightmares as well as other very aggravating side effects. I got very painful skin condition. I contracted very substantial lungs infection etc.
After 30 days with out any meds at night some Nurse with GUILTY expression on her face appeared and ordered me to take part of very large tablet.
While I asked her what is this she barked to me "IT DOES THE SOME THING"- I assumed it does the some what my prescribed meds do? I asked what the name of it is, and then she "barked" “ARE YOU TAKE IT OR NOT!".
MY ANSVER WAS NOT, I AM NOT TAKEING IT. So she disappeared. (On regular bases my Cell mate was given medications which suppose to do the same thing what his prescribed medications did and always he was going in to some kind of seizure after that. I had to call a nurse and always it was taking 2-3 hours for any one to arrive to help him).
Next day I was called for an "interview" with a "warden" and high medical official and "warden" told me that if I do not under go some medical tests and do not take meds they administer to me he will put me for non subordination in to a "HOLE" where is very wet and cold.
Next day I got in to my Cell a very well build individual who was recently paroled from high security prison after serving there 12 years.
He was only for 6 months out of Jail and he was back in Jail in my Cell.
Then I realized that people I talked to day earlier are setting me up to be bitten by other prisoner in order to get me into jail's hospital for medical tests with out my consent.............etc.
At the Jail I was exposed to tuberculosis, hepatitis, fungal infections and much more etc.

SERVE AND PROTECT- while in the custody in the Court House I was told by one of Court's Lawyers, that Courts support/ take side of women and I do need to plea guilty to some thing / any thing other wise I will get a long sentence. 
I always thought that in the light of law ALL people are equal regardless of gender / ethnicity etc.
Stipulations / amendments introduced in to Criminal Code granting privileged statute to genders are voiding Constitution (equality), Landlord Tenant Act, Charter of Human Rights as well as many other Laws/ by-Laws.
The judge realized that I was innocent. She ordered removal of chains and I ended up on the street with my pants in hands (no belt), with out my shoe laces, with out my ID/documents, with blocked memory etc.
I was standing on the side walk not knowing where I am and where I should go. At one point an office Clark from the Court while going home by herself approached me and asked whether I need any help? I did not know any thing so she packed me in to her private car and droved me in to a Shelter where I spend 30 days with street people with addictions.
One of them assaulted me at night (kicked me in the head because I could not breath (it /I was to loud for him) etc.

I want Police to expunge ALL of my records they created for me / order, that the whole incident be completely expunged from my records.


DUE TO APOTEX - EX-EMPLOYER, SOME GOVERNMENT AGENCIES INCLUDING SOME / ENTRUSTED EMPLOYEES, PEOPLE INVOLVED FOR SO MENY (18+ years and pending) in CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE as well as all listed by me denied to me all of what I allege for so long INCLUDING MEDICAL HELP, LAW CONSTITUTION and POLICE PROTECTION etc. As I stressed many times in my previous entries, during the 6.5 years of my employment in/ with Apotex I worked and was exposed to over 4000 chemicals/ molecules/ active ingredients often compounded and very toxic/lethal without any collective or personal (PPE) at all.
Due to Company’s mounting financial/personnel’s problems as well as due to criminal negligence, overwhelming / ongoing construction, confidential formulation/ validation/ manufacturing of NEW very dangerous products , production of restricted products in common / general manufacturing (MFG) AND PACKAGING (PKG) , Formulation and Development (FD)areas and all of that out of control situation was amplified by daily uncontrolled multi products spills all over equipment/floors and distributed around the plant by oblivious of danger / high on active ingredients operators without English language skills nor any pharmaceutical experiences/out of control air handling systems, absence of in process control inspectors (QC), Sanitation Technicians, Supervisors, Operators etc. As it turned out I was involved on a regular basis without my consent with many employees with experimental production of lethal products in confidentiality, which were constantly produced not disclosing names and natures off and some People were in secrecy compensated for. They destroyed my life and the lives of so many and no one cared until now !
Amongst two hundred and thirty fife “regular“ products and over a dozen “ in the pipe” at any given time of formulation and development of very dangerous NEW products for Alzheimer, Parkinson, antidepressants , blood composition and pressure controlling drugs , narcotics and many more.NEW products for Alzheimer, Parkinson, antidepressants , blood composition and pressure controlling drugs , narcotics and many more was an immunosuppressant “CYCLOSPORINE”.
Due to the high toxicity of it, this product is supposed to be handled in an isolated area (air locks on the doors, different / separate department/ building etc.).
 Because Company – Apotex under large construction did not have any areas to dedicate it for this product, management / executive group including owner Dr. Bernard Sherman announced, that classification of “ CYCLOSPORINE” WAS CHANGED BY SUPPLIER / regulators and now it is O.K. to process it in common area / next to other products etc.

WSiB had a deal with my ex- employer and in exchange for not disclosing any internal / external incidents / accidents to any one / WSiB, WSiB was paying back REBATES / its yearly installments in full back - to the Organisation / ex-employer! That is why the exceptional employee / LIKE me was fired "without just cause" when the Organisation disabled me by criminal negligence and fired me like almost all other "contaminated" employees / contact with products employees / most of them working WITH restricted products, products without permits and / or approvals.! That is why I was deprived of any and all help from Financial , Medical, Legal, Constitutional, Police etc., for 18 + years and pending, WHILE STRUGGLING / DETERIORATING IN HORRIFYING WAY.....:).

"Torture is the act of deliberately inflicting severe physical or psychological pain and possibly injury to a person usually to one who is physically restrained or otherwise under the torturer's control or custody and unable to defend against what is being done to them. Reasons for torture can include punishment, revenge, deterrence, interrogation or coercion of the victim, or simply the sadistic gratification of those carrying out or observing the torture.”
Disabled person tortured and send to a Jail!
I was handcuffed and shackled on my legs and in state of physical and psychological incapacitation brought in the metal box of a Police prisoner’s transport truck …….:)…….While Prison Guards with bulletproof vests rolled me in the Hospital Emergency Room trough shocked / scared of me crowd it opened up in front of me as someone would cut butter with a hot knife. 
During my imprisonment I was subjected to very aggravating /degrading protocols.
Disabled person arrested without any evidence, jailed without any sentencing, time, time, time, time, time, time, time, time time and time again subjected to invasive strip searches in open / common area in close proximity to other inmates and female jail guards/police officers (10 times in 42 days ), stripped of dignity, abuse, tortured, deprived of essential medications, stressed enormously, exposed to unspeakable unhygienic conditions while in the custody etc. As a result of this evicted from residence without Court’s Eviction Notice and against Landlord Tenant Act and so on and so on.


To be continued:)